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 Squad 11 training ground

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Kuchiki Jake

Kuchiki Jake

Number of posts : 53
Age : 24
Location : In my dead memories
Rank : Squad Leader
Registration date : 2009-01-22

Character sheet
Background/History: Jake is part of the Kuchiki Family.He is cruel and wild.He cant remember anything about himself exept he was atacked by a bounto.Since that day he trained to kill everyone shinigami,bonto,vaizard.hollows everyone that would atack him or that he was given to kill.

PostSubject: Squad 11 training ground   Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:30 am

*flash steps in with 9th seat shinigami*
Me:Whats ur name boy?
9th seat shinigami:Kouu sir
Me:Okay Kouu.First of all try and dodge my punches *flash steps behind kouu and punches him in the stomach and trows him a few feets away*
Kouu:*coughs out blood then runs towards Jake*
Me:*runs towards kouu and punches him but kouu dodges then i stop*
well done kouu first lesson complete
Kouu:thank god
Me:*aproaches kouu and makes him become a normal chain soul then trows him in a hole with his arms tided up*kouu u got 72 hours to come back up here using ur legs or u will become a hollow
Kouu:*tries to get up the hole but falls down everytime*
*72 hours later*
Me:Kouu r u still there?
Me:I guess its over
kouu:*starts talking with his zanpakutoh as he finds his name he jumps up with a hollow mask on but takes his zanpakutoh and cuts it* oi whats the last part of the lesson?
Me:Hahaha i see ur a Soul Reaper again......Well then lets start *gets out my zanpakutoh and continiously atack kouu`s zanpakutoh till he has none*
Kouu:oh man what im gonno do............................i know..............Roar Sharp *his zanpakutoh takes the form of a metal dragon thats 8 feet long then randomly flails at jake cuting his face a little*
Me:...........well done now u got the shikai lets see how much u can use it follow me *flash steps with kouu outta here*
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Squad 11 training ground
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