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 Vizard reg.

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Rash Unohana
Rash Unohana

Number of posts : 38
Dating/Married : None.
Registration date : 2009-01-17

Character sheet
Background/History: Rash, has a kind, gentle and warm personality. Which fits his appearance. He is soft-spoken, polite, caring guy who respects everyone. Honorific, when adressing other Shinigami's Or Humans. He rarely shows any sign of panic, or distress. He has never used his Zanpaktou, but trained with it in privacy. He only uses the Kido's, which he is highly talented at. On his free time, he Admires nature, go on a hike, or sleep. He has been the Captain of the 4th division for over 150 years now. This makes him one of the Oldest captains among the gotei 13, despite his young and youthful appearance. It's said he is related to the Deceased Retsu Unohana. He strangely has a twin brother, Jason. Who is an Espada. They have stronger feuds than most brothers, due to the fact that they're different types. ..He has a theory about how his brother came to be an Espada. He says his borther might have been devoured by an Hollow.. which made him to what he is today..

PostSubject: Vizard reg.   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:16 pm

Current Leader: Oda.

first off only captain and lieutenants can become vaizards or there equivalent on that power lvl come to me Oda, is the only one with the Hogyoku (However it's spelt.)

To limit god modding chances with the Vaizard masks..

When a Vaizard is first created they get a set number of posts in which they can keep their masks activated..

Remember, Vizards are Shinigamis that gained Hollow powers. So..

Register your Zan here, if approved by Oda to become a Vizard

Why Do You Wish To Be A Vizard?:
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Vizard reg.
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